5 thoughts on “How long do coils last?

  1. R willis says:

    I am having to change my coil every two days what is the problem I have fresh liquid and I vape approx 4hrs a day can any body help

    • iknow says:

      if they are only lasting two days you are letting them dry out and they therefore burn. Should last 2-3 weeks

      • Alun says:

        That’s one possibility: the other is that in some cases the silicon rings do not form an effective gasket/seal and the liquid seeps through to the place where the battery contact meets the coil, and burns. This gives that bitter taste, even if there is a fresh, primed coil in place. In a few cases I have resolved this problem by fitting new silicone O rings, and the coil has then continued to give good service for a few weeks

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