The Westminster iTouch E Pipe Full Gift Box Vaping Kit .

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  • Available in four colours
  • Mahogany: Jade: Ivory: Marble.
  • Full Kit Includes
  • Xtar single slot USB charger
  • 2 x 18350 High quality 900mAh batteries
  • Manual  operation for increased reliability and TPD compliance.
  • Bowl
  • 2 X Stems
  • 1 x Tanks
  • 2 x Coils (2.0 ohm)
  • Gift Box


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Full vaping kit in a classic style, The Westminster iTouch Epipe. Manual Pipe (it activates when you touch the brass tip) . Tighter stem and partially hidden tank for that traditional look.  Beautifully Gift boxed

The Westminster Touch is a very nice looking elegant e pipe. A blend of modern and classic. New technology in a traditional form. It uses 18350 re chargeable batteries. It has a tank for any e liquid (2ml) you chose to use. The main body of the pipe is made of a very high quality wood effect plastic in which the re chargeable battery is stored.

Westminster Touch. A modern take on a classic pipe. The Best of vaping in a classic form and style.This is now a manual E Pipe for greater reliability. The brass button on the bowl  activates the 18350 battery and vapour is produced when one touches the brass button. A simple and reliable system. Light, well made and durable the Westminster easily fits in your jacket shirt or coat pocket.In a mahogany wood effect as in the pictures. The stem (or drip tip) is high quality durable black plastic.

A charged battery should last a day. But we recommend always having a charged spare about one.Please keep batteries in a non conductive container A full tank of e liquid also lasts about a day.

This pipe is supplied with two 18350 3.7v batteries These are IMR high drain batteries.

Spare Tanks. This kit comes with one atomizer tank in which is a wick / coil, plus two extra wick/coils.  Wicks should be changed every 4-6 weeks depending on usage.

Please enjoy your new pipe and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have. We are here to help.



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23 reviews for The Westminster iTouch E Pipe Full Gift Box Vaping Kit .

  1. Pat

    Hi again

    Many thanks for such a quick reply. I have now ordered the replacement parts (under customer Rosalind Fellows) & look forward to receiving them as soon as possible as he was getting on so well with this lovely EPipe & it has made so much difference to his wife & to me when I go to stay with them.

    Pat Dando

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    I have had this pipe for a month and have found it to be an excellent aid in giving up cigarettes and all other tobacco products. It’s a pleasure to smoke in it’s own right. No going back now! Amazon lost the first order but all praise to Roger who sorted the problem out quickly and efficiently. Just one comment, I suggest that you have at least two spare batteries to get through a day, but that might just be an indication of how much I enjoy using this system. Overall, an excellent product from a very good company. Nick Brewin November 2016

  3. Bryan Algar (verified owner)

    Didn’t come with a stand but it hardly matters as I rarely put the thing down.

    • iknow

      Many apologies. Stand on the way. I am sure you can find a use for it

  4. Docman

    Had this pipe for two months and have not touched tobacco since,after 40yrs pipe smoking.Some problems with overall weight of pipe and be careful with the washer around the liquid chamber-have lost two and the mouthpiece then will not attach and falls off-perhaps some spare washers need to be included.Also the brass colored fittings attaching the liquid chamber seized up.Also some issues with 100% flavourless VG liquid which is very viscous,but preferable to PV liquids that cause halitosis

    • iknow

      We do now include two spare washers in the box, but they are quite small and difficult to see

  5. Alan Brown

    Bought two pipes, one an Ayrshire and the other a Westminster touch. The former I would describe as fantastic, as you can ramp the power up to your liking. I use the strongest possible setting and gives a satisfying vaping experience. The Westminster touch is good but in a different way. It is more compact, gives a realist effect of lighting up whilst drawing on it but will not activate if the brass button is not used. The latest product description is confusing in relation to the Westminster. One paragraph will state that it activates as soon as you draw and then stops. It later goes on to state that it is now manual for greater reliability which is fine but contradicts the previous paragraph. My only other whinge is the latter pipe did not come with a stand, however I am sure this minor issue can be resolved once flagged. I use banoffee or custard creamy flavours at 1.8 mg, as this gives a very pleasurable vape. I am going to give a rating of five stars despite my niggles and would reccommend their products to any former smoker and for the very reasonable price tag.

  6. New Westminster man (verified owner)

    I have just opened, very, very carefully, my new Westminster epipe, and also searched very, very carefully, but I cannot see any extra washers. The ‘smoke’ experience is excellent.

    • iknow

      on the way. apologies

  7. sara (verified owner)

    Bought for my husband who loves it ! It looks great and vapes amazingly well.wish I’d bought it for him a long time ago. Will definitely buy him a 2nd one as it’s terrific..and I work in a vape shop so I have a pretty good idea of products. It’s great.. just get it !!

  8. Julie

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas,he absolutely loves it, quality piece well worth the price in a lovely presentation box,quick delivery very happy with purchase,will be ordering extra coils in the near future,and hopefully a stand as the only thing it didn’t come with ,thank you great gift.

  9. Mike.Begbie (verified owner)

    Received this in October last year. Although your website site photos are just as good as you could get….they do not convey the exquisite appearance of the Westminister…Very, very classy. The brass stand is just the Cherry on the bottom!. The only glitch is that I did not receive spare tank/stem ring seals either, only realised they were supposed to have been included when I read the other reviews. I have now ordered the Kamry 1000, and look forward to receiving this in the next couple of days, and will write a review after first use. Thank-you very much for a superb product.

  10. Richard

    Great product but was saddened by lack of stand.
    Also is there an upgrade for the coils ?

  11. rdengineering66 (verified owner)

    Decided to try and give vaping a go and bought a Joyetech elitar pipe as I liked the look of it. Bad mistake as all I did was choke, cough and splutter and it was far too heavy to keep in the mouth without holding.
    I was about to give up but decided to try a Petersham Westminster pipe and wow!! what a difference. It feels like a normal pipe, no coughing and choking and just a nice mellow smoke (vape) as I get with my real pipe. Very happy indeed and I just wish I had gone down this route first.

  12. Peter Williams (verified owner)

    Excellent purchase. Bought without previously being a pipe smoker or vaper. Absolutely over the moon with the decision. Received lots of questions and (positive comments) from people who have seen me using it. Only slight downside is that I have been using it so much, battery life has been relatively short.

    Nevertheless, I’m so pleased with my purchase that I’m ordering the eCigar as a gift for my best friend.

  13. Neil

    thanks for the invoice, the pipe works really well and was very easy to set up and we used it on set for the first time yesterday. I’m glad that you like the show, you’ll be able to spot Basil smoking your pipe in the next series which will get aired sometime next spring, and the actor Miles Jupp has asked if he can keep the pipe once we finish filming so success all round i guess.
    Best wishes,

  14. kjd4685

    Avid pipe smoker for fifty years,now vaping and the pipe is as realistic as it gets,smooth draw and good cloud.No spare washers in the box,can you oblige Petersham.

    • iknow

      please send us your address so we can send you the spare washers

  15. iknow

    I have just taken delivery of my Petersham Pipe from Amazon with four spare coils and wanted to convey how delighted I am with it. The pleasure of holding and smoking a traditional style pipe has been rediscovered after a few years of using various vape systems; thank you.

    I would like to mention a couple of minor negatives:

    • On unwrapping the bowl the screw top battery cover was very difficult to remove from the bowl, it was as if it had been over tightened. Fortunately I was able to remedy this.

    • Secondly I had not noticed that when I removed the stem from the tank (so I could see what I was doing when filling it) the ‘O’ ring came off. Fortunately I was able to find it this time but I might not be so lucky in the future. There were no extras in the box, do you supply spares please?

    Thanking you in advance.



    • iknow

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your email

      The over tightening of the bowl lid is an issue we have had before. We have asked the factory not to tighten the bowl so much so hopefully it will not happen again. Apologies.

      We have sent you some spare washers today. They are easy to lose so again this is something we do quite a lot. There should be a spare in the box but again they are difficult to see and very small and to make matters worse transparent. We should and hopefully will attach them to the quick guide in future.

      Thank you for your kind comments. Are you happy for us to post your email and this reply as a review on the site?

      Yours faithfully

      Roger Barratt

  16. Paul asquith

    This pipe is a absolute must I’ve never smoked a real pipe ,its classy and a fabulous smoke . Forget your ecigs and go for this battery lasts ages and tank will last you a few days full. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is just holding it and putting it to your mouth is enough . You will find you cut back on your intake as just holding it in your mouth kills the habit. Buy it you will love it as I wouldn’t be without it .

  17. Tony (verified owner)

    recently received my new marble e pipe kit. still using my old 2017 pipe great product great service.

  18. Anthony Baildham

    I Have Had a Westminster E Pipe Delivered By EBAY But it Didn’t Come With Any Spare Washer

    • iknow

      Anthony, If you email us your address we will send you some washers

  19. nix124 (verified owner)

    just got it an hour ago!! i have tried it now and it’s so perfect!!! very easy to operate, nice feeling in the hand. i also ordered 6 bottles of tobacco flavors and the montana mist is splendid. can’t wait to sit tonight on the couch and relax with my new pipe. thank you very much for a superb product and fast shipment!!!

  20. David Martin

    Bought for me as a present after 40 plus years pipe smoking followed by a couple of years of uncomfortable e cigs and ‘wrong’ e pipes. So far, a joy to use, balance and weight are great. It is a pleasure to hold and use. Still would prefer the real thing but I have got to submit 5 stars in relation to this product.

  21. whity.irw (verified owner)

    Just recieved my gift set Westminster I all ready have the Kamry k1000 great pipe Westminster is great too if I had a gripe it would be that no pipe stand there is one at extra cost as a set I thought one would be included,not the easiest to set up and enjoy vaping still a great pipe thanks

  22. David White (verified owner)

    I have been vaping for many years now. Being an ex smoker this was the only method to stop me smoking.
    I have always stuck to e cigs and mods of many kinds and I was happy with that but also having been a pipe smoker I missed the relaxation a pipe gives. That chilled out feeling 😊. When I saw this pipe at this price I thought I’ll give it a go.
    Am I glad I did. I have had my pipe for just over a week and cannot put it down.
    The only cons are the battery life, but it’s never out of my hands and the 2ml tank. But again that’s stupid EU rules.
    That said it is so relaxing and enjoyable. I am now trying different flavours of liquid as I’ve always made my own. Just to try and find the true pipe taste and smell.. Just adds to the feel good factor.
    I have now bought in a couple of spare tanks to try my different flavours.
    Great service from Petersham as well.

  23. Gordon Wallace (verified owner)

    Having previously used a rival European e-pipe (an automatic that cost several times the price of this item!) switching to a mod box for cloud chasing – I felt that I needed to return to a device with an element of vintage styling coupled with modern reliability again.
    Straight out of the box (following a swift delivery), I had the Westminster up and running after carefully setting up. Simple and easy to use – the pipe looks very retro and is definitely what I am looking for.
    Looking forward to using the pipe – the Petersham juice I bought with my order suited the device perfectly.
    Correspondence via email was swift and friendly.

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