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Great entry level vape for people who don’t want another load of numbers on a screen in their lives. Very versatile can be smoked Mouth or direct to lung depending on the air flow, enough power, clouds etc. Got it last Christmas and it got me 95% off the stinkies, can fit in a trouser pocket easily enough, although lost one in Ibiza over the summer, immediately bought a replacement plus one for my old man, it’s got him mostly off the cigs as well, hopefully in time. Get lots of comments and compliments on the design, everyone seems to love it except the girlfriend! Great build quality, battery lasts most of the night although I do expect that to degrade over time, if you are a heavy smoker and will be away from power would probably recommend something with a swappable battery. For anyone else, Can’t recommend this highly enough

Adam Merza

Just recieved my gift set Westminster I all ready have the Kamry k1000 great pipe Westminster is great too if I had a gripe it would be that no pipe stand there is one at extra cost as a set I thought one would be included,not the easiest to set up and enjoy vaping still a great pipe thanks


Having previously used a rival European e-pipe (an automatic that cost several times the price of this item!) switching to a mod box for cloud chasing – I felt that I needed to return to a device with an element of vintage styling coupled with modern reliability again.
Straight out of the box (following a swift delivery), I had the Westminster up and running after carefully setting up. Simple and easy to use – the pipe looks very retro and is definitely what I am looking for.
Looking forward to using the pipe – the Petersham juice I bought with my order suited the device perfectly.
Correspondence via email was swift and friendly.

Gordon / Wallace

Wonderful pipe!! Preforms much better than expected! Great flavor highly recommend for the price and top class service from Petersham i certainly will be back!


I have had the Ayrshire for about a month and find it really nice to use , it creates a nice flavoursome cloud and I would suggest if your a smoker looking for a vape this is a very good alternative , the Battery life is good and you can charge it anywhere , I charge mine while driving as you can still use it while its charging. This is an excellent upgrade to the Westminster as it doesn’t need to keep having batteries changed and the cloud is superior to the Westminster . On a funny note it clearly looks and acts like a genuine tobacco pipe as I keep getting asked for a light by strangers .



This is a good way to find out that the tobacco range has a very broad range of flavours. I’ve always gone for what sounded like the strongest flavour, but ended up discovering some really subtle flavours.