Kamry K1000 plus leaking?

We have recently become aware that quite a lot of K1000 plus amazon users complain that this vape leaks and are trying to understand why. I have three Kamry k1000 plus’s on the go at any one time (i don’t like to be without a working vape as I do not want to ever smoke again). Not once in over five years have I ever had a leak. Not once so I do not understand it. None of our customers have this problem if they get their coils from us. All of these users who complain about leaking seem to be getting their coils from amazon. (we supply e-pipes to amazon but not coils) (we do not sell on amazon we sell to amazon itself).

So I am starting to believe that users are buying incorrectly described coils on amazon which leads to leaking as they don’t fit or work as designed.

So if you have a leaking k1000 plus get your coils from us and the problem will go away. If it does not we will give you a free replacement tank..

However please do cover the basics. Fill you tank 3/4 full using one of the side four holes NOT the centre hole, keep the battery charged and look at our video user guide on the help tab of this site.
We only supply original new boxed and blister wrapped coils and if you fill the tank correctly and screw the coil home properly we guarantee that it will not leak. If it does we will give you a free replacement tank!

2 thoughts on “Kamry K1000 plus leaking?

  1. peterroat says:

    I’ve had the K1000 for over two years. Never had a leak. I’ve always bought coils from you so glad I did!

  2. Kevin Manley says:

    I’ve had my kamry k1000 now for at least 2 years 3 years and I’ve just ordered that stainless steel tip and the new 4ml tank.

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