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Petersham E pipes offers a range of electronic pipes which are a pleasure to hold and see and offer a really sensible alternative to tobacco smoking.

E-Pipes Petersham E Pipes
We supply a range of top quality e pipes (or electronic pipes) pod sticks and MODs all are complete vaping kits. Ready to use out of the box. These are vaping devices similar to the electronic cigarettes one sees but just better made, longer lasting and more aesthetic. They are pleasing to hold, pleasing to use and pleasant on the eye. We keep a full range of liquids, consumables and are always on hand for help and support. We deliver in one or two days and offer the best pricing.
E-Pipes Petersham E Pipes

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review by Public Health England. (www.

Key findings of the review include:

  • the current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking
  • nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking
  • there is no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers

To see the review in full by Public Health England Click HERE

E-Pipes Petersham E Pipes
Most smokers  probably average a pack of cigarettes a day. Very few smoke less though they almost all say they do. A cost of say £3,300 a year.  But what would you spend vaping an e pipe?

Well two new batteries every six months, say £20, six new atomizer coils a year say £30 and £20 of e liquid a month. That is £290 a year. Plus the initial cost of the e pipe and charger. That’s a saving of around £3,000 per year .

So who loses?

  • The drug companies who make their expensive branded nicotine replacements
  • The tobacco companies who are losing customers hand over fist
  • The Inland Revenue who lose around £2,500 per smoker who quits, multiply that by a million or so.
  • The inland Revenue in having to pay pensions for longer to those that have quit smoking tobacco.


E-Pipes Petersham E Pipes
E-Pipes Petersham E PipesYou can choose to have the nicotine if you wish but you will definitely not have the tar, the carbon monoxide and all the 1000’s of carcinogens found in real tobacco smoke. You will also not disturb anyone else as e pipe vapour is virtually odourless, however you will still have the flavour and the sensation. You will even get your taste buds and ability to smell back.
E-Pipes Petersham E Pipes
So what is the down side to e pipes? As far as we are concerned there aren’t any. Yes it would be better if you could quit nicotine completely. But most people can’t. And though nicotine is a poison in large does, in these kinds of doses it is a stimulant much like caffeine.


E-Pipes Petersham E Pipes
So why do we see so much press saying e cigarettes are dangerous? We can’t answer this question with absolute certainty, but if you ran a business threatened by e smoking vaping you would probably spend some of your profits with some serious PR companies to see it discredited. When compared to tobacco smoking vaping is hundreds if not thousands of times safer. Everybody agrees on that. Cancer Research UK policy manager George Butterworth said: “This is a fast-emerging market but we’re optimistic about the potential benefits of e-cigarettes for helping smokers quit, whilst minimising the potential risks.”
There is no smoke in the vapour from an E pipe.  But what is in this vapour? The liquid inside an electronic cigarette or pipe is the key to delivering nicotine safely. Once heated, it vaporises and is inhaled.

The ingredients used in most E-Liquids and certainly in ours are certified as safe by the FDA and are used in hundreds of thousands of consumer products. For more details click here.

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I’ve always wanted to give up smoking tobacco. But it made me so bad tempered. With my e-pipe I don’t feel I’ve given up anything at all. And I still smile.

Brian Gibbs

I save £2,000 a year Robert Johnson

I can relax without upsetting anyone else. Nicolas Burnham

I’ve quit smoking Tobacco. Spencer Ford

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Love it or your money back