Kamry K1000 E Pipe Kit Case + 2XBatteries + Xtar USB Charger OAK Colour. GENUINE

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This product is sadly now discontinued by Kamry. Some stock is still available on amazon UK

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Kamry K1000 is now discontinued. We will still continue to sell spares.
A button on the top of the bowl activates the 18350 battery and vapour is produced. A simple and reliable system. Light, well made and durable the Kamry K1000 easily fits in your pocket. Made of steel with a beautiful light oak wood effect as in the pictures. The stem (or drip tip) is also light oak painted on steel.
This is a very nice looking elegant e pipe. A blend of modern and classic. New technology in a traditional form. Like all our pipes it uses 18350 re chargeable batteries. It has a tank for any e liquid (3ml) you chose to use. The main body of the pipe is made of a very high quality wood effect steel in which the re chargeable battery is stored.
The K1000 electronic pipe (epipe) is a pleasure to hold and see and offers a really sensible alternative to tobacco smoking. You can choose to have the nicotine if you wish but you will definitely not have the tar, the carbon monoxide and all the 1000’s of carcinogens found in real tobacco smoke. You will also not disturb anyone else as e pipe vapour is virtually odourless, however you will still have the flavour and the sensation. You will even get your taste buds and ability to smell back.
This pipe takes 18350 batteries which you will find readily available. We supply 2 Kamry 18350 high drain vaping batteries. You may already have your own or you may wish to buy branded batteries. If you do make sure you buy 18350 high drain IMR batteries 900mAh 3.7v
We supply a simple 18350 single battery charger. Again you may already have your own. Or you may want a better quality charger capable of charging two or four batteries at the same time.
All our Kamry K1000 pipes come with a battery safety chip as standard to allow you to use high drain unprotected batteries.
We do not offer any e-liquids. You may purchase e-liquids in a huge variety of places either on-line or in shops. Some vendors put a zero nicotine flavoured e-liquid in with every purchase. We do not as the flavour may not be to your taste and then that flavour would be stuck in your wick/coil. Please contact us if you need a list of reliable e-liquid suppliers.
Spare coils. This kit comes with one coil/wick for the atomizer tank. We offer the chance to purchase additional coils at a very reasonable price. Coils should be changed every 4-6 weeks depending on usage. Instructions for changing the coil can be seen on the help section of our web site, though they simply screw in and out from the top of the central tube within the e-liquid tank.
If you would like to contact us for any further details or assistance, or if you are not completely satisfied with your new pipe please do not hesitate to do so.

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3 reviews for Kamry K1000 E Pipe Kit Case + 2XBatteries + Xtar USB Charger OAK Colour. GENUINE

  1. Helen

    Arrived very quickly and in a nice smart case. I love the look of this pipe, it feels comfortable in your hand and is satisfying to smoke – my cigarette consumption has halved and is shrinking by the day. I have tried several different devices, and this is by far the best and is the one in daily use, which is why I now have two!

    The pipe is easy to fill and maintain, my only quibble with it (and the only reason it didn’t get five stars) is that it does seem to get through the batteries pretty quickly.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Received this for Christmas and I am loving it. This is a great starter e-pipe for anyone who wants to get off tobacco pipes or wants to start vaping with the air of class. I would also recommend Petersham Pipes for the excellent customer service.

  3. Dave Crawford

    I have two Kamry 1000 plus pipes. One I use with an Aspire K3 tank fitted and filled with 50/50 fluid. In the other the Kamry 4ml tank has 70/30 fluid. The former is good for indoor vaping while the latter is ideal for outdoor vaping.

    My other pipe is a Kamry 1000. I have four batteries which is like having four pipes. This means an adequate power supply when away from a charging supply for long periods.

    I have an Aspire Nautilus mini tank fitted which provides a marvellous vaping experience especially filled with Montana Mist or Blue Ridge fluid.

    I find the Kamry 1000 plus model similar in use to the style of smoking a cigarette, cigar or e-cigarette, whereas; the Kamry 1000 is similar in use to the ritual of a traditional pipe smoker where one does not “take a draw” but, continually “puff” on the pipe.

    As a well seasoned pipe smoker of over 50 years the Kamry 1000 is ideal.

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