Kamry XPOD Vape stick. Vape starter kit with easy to change and fill vape PODs


Kamry X Pod Kit is a compact and portable pod vape kit with 220 degree fine sandblasted oxidation finish.
It consists of a 280mAh built-in battery and 0.8ml fillable disposable POD cartridge.
It features an intuitive LED light that can show vaping status or battery level. The X Pod provides 6 kinds of protections to reject fluid leakage. Available in Black, Blue, Gold. Includes charger cable.

Kamry X Pod System Starter Kit Details:
• 1. 0.8ml disposable cartridge
• 2. 280mAh built-in battery
• 3. Slim and compact design, easy to carry
• 4. 6 kinds of protections, reject fluid leakage
• 5. LED light shows battery level or vaping status
• 6. 220 degrees fine sandblasting oxidation fuselage
• 7. Available in Black, Blue, Gold

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