Getting started with the Kamry k1000 E Pipe

How to Insert the Kamry K1000 ‘safety chip’ – for short circuit and protection from overheating

The safety chip goes between the bottom (-ve) of the battery and the bottom of the pipe bowl, nipple side up.

Kamry K1000 safety kick chip
Kamry K1000 safety kick chip

Kamry K1000 safety kick chip 2

If the safety chip is not inserted correctly one can short circuit the K1000, if this happens the spring can distort and the electronics within the bowl can fail. To ensure this does not happen please see the images below:

K1000 coils and tanks need to be changed regularly. A sign that your coil needs to be replaced is a burnt taste, or a loss of vapour. Generally, coils should be replaced weekly and tanks monthly. Consumables for the K1000 are available in our shop

For customer service please email

The Kamry K1000 E Pipe kit includes:

2 x 18350 Batteries
1 x Kamry Pipe Bowl with screw in button/lid
1 x USB Charger
1 x Kamry pouch
1 x Kamry Tank
1 x Matching Kamry long stem
2 x Spare stem washers
1 x Battery protector chip

This Kamry k1000 e pipe comes without e liquid, but requires e liquid to run. E Liquid is available here. Please Do NOT put water in the tank.

Fill the silver / glass tank to 2/3 with eliquid. To do this remove the stem and unscrew the steel top.

To insert a 18350 battery (ensure that it is fully charged). Unscrew the top of the bowl. Insert a battery (+ up). Screw the lid back in.

This Kamry k1000 e pipe occasionally requires a new tank.

To change the tank simple screw the old tank off and screw a new tank (available here ) in. However you must ensure that the cuff connector remains on the bowl, not on the old tank. See picture below.

When you change tank the connector ring should remain on the bowl

To change the wick/coil on the Kamry K1000 e pipe,

simply screw the lid off the atomizer and then screw the wick off the top of the central metal tube and replace with a new one. A simple instruction video available on our web site below.

Please ensure that you insert the battery negative (flat) side down. To insert the battery protector chip. Please click the round chip to the base of the battery (it magnetically affixes) with the flat side down (visible). Insert the battery as normal.

This pipe ceases to function properly as the voltage in the battery drops. Once the voltage drops to below 3V it will stop working and you will need to change the battery and re charge it. We recommend that you change the battery once the performance starts to deteriorate.

To activate the pipe press the button on top of the bowl.

Please enjoy your new pipe and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have. We are here to help.

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Trouble Shooting the K1000

There are basically five thing that can stop this pipe, which simply puts a current over a coil when the switch is pressed.

The battery may not be charged, this may happen if the charger fails. The charger LED should go red amber green. If it is always green it has failed.

The coil / wick might have come unscrewed from the central core within the tank. Try screwing it in further.

The coil / wick might have gone. Try replacing it. These do need regular replacing and are available in the shop.

The tank may be corroded. They do need regular replacing and are available in the shop.

The bowl itself might be broken. If this is the case we can provide a replacement.

Please let us know

Many thanks

Yours faithfully
Petersham Pipes

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K1000 General

A button on the top of the bowl activates the 18350 battery and vapour is produced. A simple and reliable system. Light, well made and durable the Kamry K1000 easily fits in your pocket. Made of steel with a beautiful light oak wood effect as in the pictures. The stem (or drip tip) is also light oak painted on steel.

This is a very nice looking elegant e pipe. A blend of modern and classic. New technology in a traditional form. Like all our pipes it uses 18350 re chargeable batteries. It has a tank for any e liquid (3ml) you chose to use. The main body of the pipe is made of a very high quality wood effect steel in which the re chargeable battery is stored.

The K1000 electronic pipe is a pleasure to hold and see and offers a really sensible alternative to tobacco smoking. You can choose to have the nicotine if you wish but you will definitely not have the tar, the carbon monoxide and all the 1000’s of carcinogens found in real tobacco smoke. You will also not disturb anyone else as e pipe vapour is virtually odourless, however you will still have the flavour and the sensation. You will even get your taste buds and ability to smell back.

This pipe takes 18350 batteries which you will find readily available. We supply 2 Kamry 18350 high drain vaping batteries. [18350 high drain IMR batteries 900mAh 3.7v]

We supply a single battery charger. Again you may already have your own. Or you may want a charger capable of charging two or four batteries at the same time.

All our Kamry K1000 pipes come with a battery safety chip as standard to allow you to use high drain unprotected batteries.

We do not offer any e-liquid as Amazon does not allow the sale of nicotine. You may purchase e-liquids in a huge variety of places either on-line or in shops.

Spare coils. This kit comes with one coil/wick for the atomizer tank.  We offer additional coils and tanks on the web site. Coils should be changed every 1-2 weeks depending on usage. Instructions for changing the coil can be seen on our website, though they simply screw in and out from the top of the central tube within the e-liquid tank.

If you would like to contact us for any further details or assistance, or if you are not completely satisfied with your new pipe please do not hesitate to do so.